Members serving on our board and Staff

Pieter Postema – Management Committee Chairperson and duly serves as Trustee too.

Pieter also became involved at CRCH through the Waterfront Rotary Club.

Maryka Vermaak is our Trust Chairperson

Serves on our Board of Trustees – she got involved at our home through Waterfront Rotary and thanks to her involvement, Chris Fick and associates adopted the home too.

Rosemary Slogget

Serving on our Management Committee – got involved at CRCH as a reader with Common ground Church members. She subsequently became a foster parent of one of our children.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed known as Dr Moh

Serving on our Management committee and became involved through his involvement at Waterfront Rotary.

Alfons Genseberger

Management Committee – became involved through Waterfront Rotary

Serena Rosslind

Serving on the Management committee – former volunteer and got involved at CRCH through her daughters interact Club – Her daughter, Tracey Lee Rosslind is an Ambassador for CRCH.

Alicia Rhoda– Director at CRCH 

Joined CRCH in July 1997 as the creche teacher – she was promoted to the Admin assistant in January 1998 and in April 2000 was appointed as the Director.

Anneline Scholtz - childcare worker
Anneline Scholz

Started as a Care worker in July 1995 (Nanniehuis Division) and was transferred to  Group A as a Child Care Worker. After completing her Social Auxilliary course through Mintin School Development she was appointed on a part -time basis as Auxilliary worker at the home in January 2012.

Renee Williams - child care worker
Rene Williams

Group A Childcare worker since 2001.

Siziwe Alam - domestic care worker
Seziwe Alam

Seziwe joined as a relief worker in April 2003 and was appointed as a Domestic Child Care worker in April 2006.

Rayleen Jansen - child care worker
Rayleen Gertse

Started working at CRCH as a Child Care Worker in Group C in December 2003 and in July  2011 she became one of the Creche Teachers.

Zameka Duka - relief worker
Zameka Duka

Started working at CRCH as a relief worker in August 2008 and was appointed as a Child Care worker in Group C in August 2011. In August 2012, she was moved to Group B when the opportunity presented itself.

Bulelwa Somdaka - domestic/laundry care worker
Bulelwa Somdaka

Bulelwa started working at CRCH in December 2009 as a relief worker and was appointed permanently as a Domestic Child Care Worker in April 2010.

Rosaline Scheffers - teacher/creche
Rosaline Scheffers

Rosaline has been with CRCH for many years, starting in April 1983. She was appointed as the Senior of Group B in February 1997.

Mathilda Ruiters - grade R teacher
Mathilda Ruiters

Also a long standing staff member, Mathilda started working at CRCH (Nanniehuis division) in August 1987 and in February 1997 was appointed as the Senior of Group C.

Carmelita Stoffels - admin assistant
Carmelita Stoffels

Joined in February 2003 as Administrative Assistant and also took on the responsibilities as the Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Shireen van Rooyen - social worker
Shireen van Reenen

Shireen has been our Social Worker since 2011.

Merle Jacobs
Merle Jacobs

Started as a relief worker in 2005, had a fixed contract in 2010 in place of a staff member who was on maternity leave and in August 2011 was appointed permanently in Group B.

Felicity Johannes
Felicity Johannes

Started as a volunteer for a few months, then became a relief worker at CRCH in 2006. In August 2012 was appointed in a permanent position in Group C.

Charmaine Hartzenberg
Charmaine Hartzenberg

Charmaine joined CRCH in June 2005 as a relief worker and in June 2008 was appointed permanently as a CCW in Group C.

Muriel Devoti
Muriel Devoti

Muriel started working at CRCH in September 1987 – she was appointed the Senior of Group A in 1997

Lea Willemse

Started working at CRCH in August 1992 as a Child Care worker in Group A.

Phindiwe Mqwebedu

Joined CRCH in May 2008 as a relief worker and was later appointed as a Child Care worker in Group B.