Message from Maxi Gaiser volunteer

To all the kids, staff members & everyone else at Christine Revell Children’s home!

My name is Maxi & I hope you do remember me as well as I do you all! Exactly one year ago, I took one of the best decisions so far & went on the plane to South Africa 🇿🇦! I was super scared, but also looking forward! And I couldn’t even have imagined, what live had in store for me. I chose the You2Africa project at your children’s home & I had the best time there! For real, the time in Capetown with you all was one of the best times I can remember & way to short. I loved every day & everyone of the precious little ones! I cannot stop missing this & so I thought, I should write you.

I hope you got my postcard for Christmas, I totally forgot to add my email address on it. And I hope everyone’s alright & happy! I miss Mathilda, Rayleen & their crèche especially, of course! They are wonderful people & the kids were ( and I bet they still are) so awesome and simply pure souls who deserve the world. I’m glad & so thankful that I got the chance two spend a great time at your children’s home & I will visit you again one day, I promise.

For me, a new part of my life started a week ago. I’m going to study medicine (more precise dental medicine) in a big town, far away from home. So far it’s very interesting to hear about all the different structures & functions in our bodies and I am so looking forward, to (hopefully) a smile of  my very first patient.

I would love to hear from you, since I keep missing this time so much!

Wishing you all the best & all the joy there is. Thank you very much again, for letting me spend this wonderful time at Christine Revell!

Greetings from the (so far) sunny Germany!

Maxi Gaiser


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Christine Revell Children’s home fundraising dance held on Friday, 5th October 2018.

We would hereby like to thank all the patrons, who supported our dance – We are happy to report that the clear profit of just over R 36 000 was raised. Special thanks for donations towards the prizes from individuals, Snack and monetary donations from AJ Press, Lightsaver Pty ltd , host parents, Willoughby’s, Management members and Lewis Stores.

The Order of St Lazarus – they gave prizes, financial donation  towards the snacks/dance expenses 

The entertainment by DJ Ben catered for all likes. Unfortunately we did not have any donations of items for the silent auction which normally gets us to a profit margin of R 40 000+.

All proceeds will be used towards the precious little ones at our organisation.

A big thank you to the Dance Committee and the staff for their support and dedication towards the planning and preparations leading up to the dance, assistance at the dance and after the event. Salute to our Stalwarts – you know who you are!


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Driver – Handy Man Needed


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