“Group visit by Johnson and Johnson”

On Tuesday 20 September 2016, Johnson and Johnson Consumer colleagues, in collaboration with their Cape Town Care Team, took part in a Care Day at our home.

Volunteers helped out in a variety of ways on the day, which included admin duties, cleaning, a vegetable garden ‘makeover’ as well as playtime with the kids. A number of colleagues also contributed generously towards the home leading up to the event.

The Care Day was coordinated by Simone Mahlert-Stewart from Johnson and Johnson and thanked everyone involved for their support in making this day a success: “Life is busy and filled with daily demands, and one can easily overlook that it is the small things in life that can make a difference and bring joy,” mentioned Simone. “Our Care Day at Christine Revell Children’s Home enabled colleagues to make a difference in the life of others, and colleagues generously contributed towards the day.  Thank you, J&J colleagues, for your contributions and volunteering your time!”

In addition these were some comment from volunteers who participated on the day:

“It truly was a GREAT day! The memories will stay with me for a long time to come. I am now even more committed to doing what I can for those less fortunate.”

 “A BIG THANK YOU for arranging today’s volunteer opportunity.  What a great place – filled with people who do amazing work and more than 40 gorgeous babies and children.  Had a great time and was really uplifted by my interactions with the kids.”

Product Donation List – MIXED J&J BOX
9 reg wipes
2 gentle wipes
5 gentle soaps large & 4 small
3 frag fee jelly small
2 aloe jelly medium & 1 lightly frag medium
3 gentle wash
 9 fresh baby powder small + 2 medium 
2 norm baby powder large + 2 bedtime large
6 reg baby oil, 1 bedtime & 2 aloe oil
3 top to toe wash, 2 bedtime bath
5 conditioner soft & shiny, 1 reg shamp & 2 relax shamp
3 easy comb soft &shiny spray
Box of A4 paper
Pastel coloured 100 * 2
Laminating sheets 100
Koki pack of 12
Permanent markers 10
Plastic selves
Lever Arch files (20)
Envelopes (+-100)
Scotch tape (5)
Bic Blue & Red pens (10)
Plastic paper for wrapping file * 5
Wrapping paper for wrapping file – brown paper * 5
Big blue stoage boexs on wheels *2 (used)
Kids Activity Gifts
Balls (large & small) * 10 + 10 and 2 footballs, 4 orange cones
Hula Hoops * 10
Bubbles 50 (part of party pack)
 5 * soft toys for babies
Playdough, rolling pins, shapes…
Bean bags, skipping ropes, 
Reading books (donated used)
Street chalk
Cleaning products
buckets * 2, mop, clothes, black bags
cleaning liquid
Fruit & Custard (4) for snack / dessert (Apples * 5, orange * 1, 20 bananas)
Party snacks -cake, flings, marshmellow fish, juices
Food clothes (box)
Plastic food bowls with lid * 2
Food garden
makeover & 12 month maintenance contract
wire fence onto existing garden fence


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Fruit & Salad Update…

The Marquette University places two students with Christine Revell every semester who are incorporated in our Grade R classroom. Our Grade R classroom consists of 10 children aged between 4-6 and we refer to it as our little private school. Here the current student placements, Becca Swick and Bella Romero from USA were placed with CRCH for a period of 4 months. Twice a week they do activities with these children and during the last few weeks they were introduced to healthy eating, fresh fruit and vegetables and how to convert it in a fruit salad and a vegetable salad.


The children enjoyed this experience and fully loved tasting the “fruits of their labour.” Attached are some pictures where the young ladies under the guidance of the Grade R teacher, Mathilda, prepared the salads and enjoyed it. These activities tie into themes of healthy eating and getting to know your fruit and vegetables.


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Our Annual Bazaar!

Get ready to attend our fun and entertaining Annual Bazaar on 1 April 2017 at 8am at the home! The charity auction will be held at 1pm. Lots to buy and plenty bargains to find! 

Bazaar letter 2017

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A tribute to Rev Benjamin Lemboe

Rev Benjamin Lemboe was a charismatic, gentle and kind-hearted person who touched many lives. He served as a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church, now known as the Uniting Reformed Church. Through his association with the Church Office, he served as Church representative on the Management Committee of the Christine Revell Children’s Home and later the Christine Revell Board of Trustees.

Rev Lemboe served on these committees since September 1987, a total of 29 years and never considered stepping down. Many others have served and left the organisation, but Rev Lemboe was the one who advocated for the needs of the Christine Revell Children’s Home in various churches, at his congregation, Welgelegen, and also at the Church Office and Synod meetings.

We are very thankful for his commitment and dedication to our organisation. The Christine Revell Children’s Home has gone from strength to strength and thanks to “Dominee” there was continuity between CRCH and the Church Office. His wisdom and calm nature with meaningful recommendations will be sorely missed by us. He supported our events and specifically made an effort to come to our bazaar every year.

We would like to dedicate this poem to him.

From all of us at CRCH Management, staff and all the children.

Lemboe R1


You can shed tears because he is gone

Or you can smile because he lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that he must come back.

Or you can open your eyes and see all he has left.


Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him

Or you can think of the loving moments that you have shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow, be sad and say……

We cannot go on without him.

Or you can be happy to face tomorrow because of all the yesterdays.


You can fondly remember him, when he is gone.

And cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry, close your eyes, feel empty inside

And might want to turn back time.

But together we will do what he would have wanted.

Smile, open your eyes, live life to the fullest,

Love each other and carry on.

– Derived from a poem of David Harkins

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Our Annual Dance – What a night!

A magical opportunity for supporting a charity! The Christine Revell Children’s Home Annual Dance was held at the Athlone Civic (Dulcie September Community Hall). What a night!? Great fun with overwhelming support. What a pity if you missed it on Friday, 7th October 2016 as it was a night to remember! The pop-a-balloon was once again one of the highlights for some with much excitement to win a prize and disappointment for those getting only booby prizes. Lots of fun with DJ Ben!

Special thanks if you attended or supported. You helped to make this evening a success.

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Women’s Day 2016

There are no words to describe what an awesome time we spent at the Christine Revell Children’s Home Annual Women’s Day Celebration. This gracious event was held at the Cullinan Hotel in V & A Waterfront whereby the Hotel sponsored the venue and the catering and helping us thank the women who help the staff and Management of Christine Revell Children’s Home to make a difference in the lives of our children. Whether as a volunteer, a staff member or a host parent and/or a sponsor. We were graced by the lovely Ms Meghan Hector from Heart 104.9 who was our Master of Ceremonies . The following artists, Shireen Sass, Sharlene Phillips & Chrystal Swanson blessed us with lovely songs.

Our Guest speaker, Claudine Cornelius who also sings triumphal to the glory of God brought a short yet powerful message “The part that no-one sees” was the topic of the day.

Thanks to the sponsorship of prizes, we were able to give spot prizes through lucky number draws throughout the morning. We were blessed by the word of God, through song and spoilt with a delicious array of breakfasts. Each of the women received a goody bag filled with some lovely surprises and a rose to take home at the end of the event.

4 Volunteer awards were handed out to Margaret Thompson, Daphne van Horn and Muriel Le grange for their commitment and dedication towards the care of the Group A babies. Ms Gail Conrad was unfortunately not present to receive her award for her commitment as a volunteer within Group B.

Every year the Hotel sponsors a voucher and this year the voucher was won by one of our Host Parents, Vanessa Olieslager for a one night stay including breakfast. A special thanks to the Staff of the Cullinan Hotel who once again made us feel special as they served us while enjoying a relaxing morning in the company of CRCH- Circle of friends.

Our sponsors – financial & prize sponsors

Tsogo Sun Cullinan Hotel – venue, catering and main prize

Financial Donations – Candice, Natasha Wilson, Protektum Insurance Brokers, Lightsaver and Minibusses Wanted.

Hampers/ Vouchers – Zalia Lategan, Good hope Foundation, Eat out of the Box & Sparkle Products





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Children’s Visiting The Giraffe House

The group C children were sponsored by the Brand New Marketing company to visit Giraffe House just outside Stellenbosch. The children excitedly fed the animals but gave caution to the snakes and spiders when the park ranger brought them closer. The children had a hands on experience as they were even shown how to stroke the animals. A special thanks to the team of Brand New Marketing for this outing and for providing lunch and snacks for the children.
Thank you guys for making this day special for our children.


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