Feedback on the Cape Epic : Day 8, Stage 7 – the Finale


Dirty kit

Day 8 and the fan caravan is starting to look and feel a little threadbare… We are all ready to go home now. Everything is dirty – even the poor car has never seen this much dirt: the mud is actually dropping off in places.

Caught up with Mac and the Techies at the Cycle-Lab tent. They are finished. Many nights they barely slept and sadly many customers (who are taking part in the Sunday fun-ride here in Lourensford) are choosing today to show the monster side of themselves. Sometimes wonder if the pounding music the organisers play to try and generate “atmosphere” does not contribute mightily to the stress levels. (more…)

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Feedback on the Cape Epic: Day 7, Stage 6 – we’re almost home

epic-cycle-tour- tall trees

The largest trees we’ve seen a very long time

Woke up sometime around 4am and it really sounded as if it was raining… Or was it?

A gently sprinkling in the early hours of the morning settled the dust, freshened up the vegetation and put a sharp nip in the air of the early morning: delicious weather for cycling.

The course designers promised a tough day – and that it certainly was – but it was not one of the true monsters with an evil twist in the tail – just great mountain biking.

The cool edge stayed on the day – what a pleasure after the heat of the previous five days. (more…)

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Feedback on the Cape Epic: Thursday Day 6, Stage 5


The lads – CLEAN for a change – at the start of the day

So… Day 6, Stage 5 is done and dusted… Literally.

At the rate this race is going, the soil conservation lobby group will have a case to make for land-grabbing : we are ‘stealing’ the Boland bit by bit.

By now the riders, the fan caravan and the crews have fallen into a routine of sorts. An event like this is all absorbing : wherever the people congregate, conversations are mostly about this race, previous Epics and other mountain bike related stuff.

One youngster who is not racing this year – he is here to support his girlfriend – said its far less stressful to race : being a spectator is a nerve wracking business. Especially for those with a little bit of inside knowledge – the people who know how fast something can go wrong – how quickly accidents can happen, (more…)

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Feedback on the Cape Epic: Thursday Day 5, Stage 4

Oooh – today it was HOT: getting into the car (did we mention we l-o-v-e cars with aircon?) it said 37.6C… And the car had been standing in the shade.

Mercifully today’s route offered a bit more variation – a little bit of track through the pine forests – bit along Baine’s kloof pass, bits of very dusty single track, but overall riding interesting enough to  challenge the pro’s and give the newbies something else to think about.

So by now some bits of the anatomy are – well – a little tender… And other bits are plain downright  agonizingly painful. Pieter’s big toe nails are a fashionable shade of blue… Its now only a matter of time before he loses those nails : but as long as they hang in there another few days. Don’t ask how hard it is to put the shoes on in the morning… And the language when he accidentally stubs those toes against a rock. Lets put it this way: all 33000 characters in Estonian and a few borrowed from Russian. Nick spent a lot of time standing today… And this evening he changed his racing saddle for a very well padded ‘couch’ style saddle – now we’re talking PADDING here… Serious padding. (more…)

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Feedback on the Cape Epic Cycle (Stage 3/Day 4)

We received feedback from our brave cyclists riding for Christine Revell Children’s Home. Although the Cycle Tour is done and dusted, we thought you might enjoy reading about their experiences along the way. We started receiving the feedback from Stage 3 of the race.

Stage 3 / Day 4


This is what the washing looks like – the liquid is not chocolate milk

We are halfway – cannot pretend not to be more than a little pleased… This is definitely a case of an event one enjoys in anticipation – and then again in retrospect – but while you’re in it you constantly wonder why people do this to themselves and each other. The day they strap that participants armband on your wrist, it does look a little like the admission band to a mental hospital – maybe that’s why they do it! (more…)

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Argus Cycle Tour Feedback

argus-cycle-tour -gillian-barrie-lowI volunteer at Christine Revell Children’s Home, spending two mornings a week assisting during crèche time with ‘Group B’ (kids between the ages of 18 months and 3yrs).

The little faces of ‘my kids’ have been my inspiration to get to the top of the hills while training for my first Cape Argus Pick ’n Pay Cycle Tour with my husband, Barrie (who already has 11 Argus tours under his saddle!). This 110km event was held on Sunday, 10 March 2013, and once again saw 35 000 cyclists gear up for the largest individually timed cycling event in the world. We used this great opportunity to raise funds for the Children’s Home and challenged people to sponsor us for every kilometer cycled. (more…)

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Bazaar & Charity Auction

We are having our annual Bazaar and Charity Auction this Saturday, 6th April 2013, at Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone.

The Bazaar takes place from 08h00 until 12h30, and the Auction starts at 13h00 and goes on until 16h00.

What can you expect? (more…)

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